Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fed's Giant Ponzi Scheme

From Nation of Change, this story takes a global view of the banking system and how we are being screwed by forces too wealthy and powerful to be allowed to exist among humanity.

Here is an excerpt:
"To summarize the situation in America: you can lose your cash if you try to withdraw it from your
bank, if you have it in your possession, if you try to deposit it in a bank, or if you try to transfer the money to another country.
"Just look at what’s happening in Greece. At some point, every heavily indebted country will face the same fate. Banksters and bureaucrats will take over nations and implement their supremely effective tools of “cut, raise, and sell.”
"They will cut social security and public services (but not the military, of course); raise taxes either explicitly or implicitly through other means – Obamacare might qualify for this; and sell all productive public assets to big corporations and banks – the holy grail of privatization."

Link to full story.

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