And as I detoxed my mind from exposure to that type of blatant corporate propaganda, I am now realizing that NPR programming, although of much higher quality, in the final analysis, it has similar effects if one is exposed to it throughout the day.
Here's what I've been able to notice (on my own, just by simple observation) when it comes to the effects of being exposed to the American mass media: There is a very serious and marked disconnect between the messaging and narrative being broadcast, and reality.

The programming's subliminal message is:

"Everything is fine; people are working, and happy, and going on vacation, saving money to send their kids to college, or buy a house, going to baseball, and hockey, and football games, or to a concert."

And of course, there is the messaging related to fear (crime, terrorism, etc.).

There is other type of narratives and messaging, but it all seems carefully calibrated to manipulate and to control, for the benefit of the ruling class.