Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ow, You're Stepping on my Foot!

We Americans tend to be complacent.  We do not vote, we are entertained into a stupor, and it's hard for us to get really, really pissed until someone steps on our toes personally.  Maybe we can understand Occupy and how multinational corporations and the ultra-wealthy are in charge of our country and our U.S. Congress and state legislatures.  We see other injustices, but we are a hard bunch to move to action.

Until it comes homes to roost.  Until we feel personal pain.  Until it's our own toes who get stepped on.  Like, when we are the ones who get fired, when it's our kid who gets mistreated, when our trash does not get picked up -- although they got the neighbor's.

But, we are about to get our toes stepped on -- unfortunately, not in a way we will experience viscerally right away, but in a lasting way that we will feel in the gut as well as the toe -- in ways that will limit how we can improve our lot in life. 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which makes countries irrelevant and firmly under the Legal Rule of Multinational Corporations, will devastate America and what's left of the American Dream.

That you never may have heard of it should tell you enough -- it is so hideous that the President and Congress are pushing this through behind closed doors.  If Americans really understood what was happening, we would -- or should -- be out in the streets.