Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Judge Compares NSA Spying to Vacuum Cleaner, but Upholds their Sweep-up of Americans' Calls and Emails

Democracy in America is toast, and the over-entertained majority don't know it. 

Chris Hedges, who sued the U.S. over NSA spying on citizens, lays it out (link below) after a federal judge in New York gave the spies a stay-out-of-jail card.

Link to Chris Hedges story:  The Last Gasp of American Democracy

This judge compared NSA to a vacuum (his word) cleaner, but says government spying is justified;  he is 180 degrees opposite of Judge Leon's recent ruling, which decried "Orwellian" (his word) darkness.  So, two opposite takes on the same issue, in two parallel lawsuits.  Obama's recent commission generally blasted the NSA but fence-straddled on parts. 

Link to New York Times story:  Judge Compares NSA Data Collection to 'Vacuum,' But Fails to Say It Sucks....Upholds Government Spying on U.S. Citizens