Monday, March 19, 2012

Ex-Marine Tells TN Legislators: Anti-Voter Law is Un-American

American soldiers have fought and died for equal justice for all, which includes the unfettered right to vote.  While we intervene with our tanks and guns to force fair elections in foreign countries, in the U.S. and in Tennessee our elected officials rig the game to exclude the elderly, the poor, young voters, the handicapped and others to reward their corporate sponsors with a system that only represents wealthy, corporate special interests.

Listen to former Marine Tim Thompson testify before a TN House subcommittee March 14, 2012.

Video and YouTube post by filmmaker David Earnhardt.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

'We Don't Want You to Vote,' Republicans Tell College Students, Elderly, Disadvantaged

This is where it all started---or where it all spilled out in the open in the fall of 1980.

This is a clip from the infamous speech in which the late Paul Weyrich, founder of the right-wing think tank Heritage Foundation, laid bare Republican voter suppression, which has taken many forms since.

Republican voter suppression now takes the form of new Photo ID to Vote laws, which have been adopted in Tennessee and other states, and which are as naked and notorious as any poll tax or Jim Crow Law ever was.