Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Going to Bed Hungry in a Wealthy County

Williamson County, TN, is the wealthiest county in the state and the 17th wealthiest in the U.S., based on average per capita income.

However, this county is not exempt from job losses, foreclosures and recession which have affected Americans everywhere. 

I am researching this subject with the intention of producing a mini-documentary video that focuses largely on those who are newly needy or newly unemployed, newly foreclosed, newly poor or newly hungry.  Food stamp particpation has skyrocketed here and nationally, although I am hearing that the demand is starting to lessen now that the economy has regained some traction.  Regardless of trends or statistics, if you don't know how you are going to eat or sleep tonight, that is the only statistic that counts.

The Tennessean and WSMV-TV recently asked for my response to a Williamson County political leader who boasted about the county's No. 1 wealth standing and then ranted that we should not be providing free or reduced-cost breakfasts to hungry kids at public schools.   Following are the links:

Tennessean story Feb. 17, 2012

WSMV-TV story Feb. 17, 2012

Please CONTACT ME if you know of anyone or any families who would be open to telling their story of how circumstances led to their needs.  This is a "there but for the grace of God go I" story, but there are many people in our alienated society who will only believe it or care about it if they hear personal stories from real people.