Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What if this was not a middle-aged white guy?

This Nashvillian promotes the gun culture and the culture of deadly violence by openly and notoriously carrying large firearms in public.  Of all the causes that should be trumpeted for the greater good, the NRA-Remington-Smith&Wesson-Your Congressman is wholly unworthy.

He says that the cops now know who he is and what's his game, and they pretty well leave him alone. 

But, imagine this were a young man, or a young man with long hair, or an African-American man.  Do you think he would even be alive by now, to parade in front of Hillsboro High School and make a statement about his rights?

Click for story in The Tennessean. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Police Execution in St. Louis Totally Captured on Video

While we have heard much about Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by police Aug. 9 while he had his hands up and was unarmed in Ferguson, Missouri, we have heard less about the St. Louis Police killing of another young black man just four miles from Ferguson and 10 days later -- that was actually captured on video. Click to see story and two videos -- one of police press conference and one unedited.