Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blackburn and Her Corporate Sponsors Crush Competition from the Little Guy

Seems as though everyone saw through Rep. Marsha Blackburn's (R-TN7) tweet-rant about "states' rights" as she tried to shield poor little ol' ATT and Comcast from competition from the city of Chattanooga, whose Internet built for the good of the community is way faster than anything from the giant Internet Service Providers.  

Mrs. Blackburn, did your Mississippi mind forget that Chattanooga is a city in your present state of Tennessee? 

Per your argument, Mrs. Blackburn, who claims the federal government is just awful and then gets herself re-elected to prove it's true, all Tennesseans should be claiming "cities' rights" and throwing off the choke-hold from the oppressive, corrupt state government. 

Of all Blackburn's phony, laughable tantrums, this one ranks up there with her "debating" climate change on Meet the Press

This story from Business Insider, gives a good overview of the issue.

Link to another story in Nashville Business Journal:

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