Monday, March 31, 2014

State Lawmakers Consider Sell-Out of Your Kids' Education

House Bill 1693 and Senate Bill 1684 would allow for-profit corporations to come into Tennessee and take your and my tax dollars for the benefit of their shareholders -- not for the benefit of a single man, woman or child in Tennessee.

House Education Committee meets today (April 1) to consider this heinous act.  The crime scene will be Room HHR16 at High Noon.

Go to this link to get their names, phone numbers and email addresses:

Here is what we told them:

"Dear House Education Committee Member,

"HB1693 is perhaps the most cynical and criminal bill of this session, and it is incredible that you would even consider letting out-of-state For-Profit Corporations loot our state treasury in the guise of education.  Shame on you if you go along with this corporate sell-out.  

"The state already ships about $20 million a year out of state to K12Inc., whose CEO last year was paid $5+ million – it is expensive to live in a suburb of Washington D.C., after all.   And, this Corporation pretending to be a school, which has already been caught cheating the state on its enrollment, is the worst-performing we have, from Mountain City to the Peabody lobby. 

"The best interests of Tennessee children and families should drive education in the State Legislature – not a publicly traded corporation’s EBITDA or how large a yacht its CEO can buy. 

"My grandmother was a third-grade teacher and her sister was Mildred Doyle, superintendent of Knox County schools for 25 years.  Some of you may have heard of her.  They must be rolling over in their graves at the dismantling of education which has occurred on your watch.   We see plenty of rolling over at Legislative Plaza these days – those of you who are rolling over for lobbyists and campaign contributions. 

"Shame on you if you can’t stand up for the people in your home towns who depend on you."


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