Monday, November 21, 2016

No Slow-Down in Haslam Shipping Tennessee Jobs to his Out-of-State Pals and Donors

Beyond being a corrupt politician.

More than directing millions of dollars in no-bid state contracts to your pals and campaign donors -- all without input from the public or even the legislature.

Way past working opposite your fiduciary duty to the people of the state.

More than just, the numbers don't even work out.

It's jaw-dropping, how-are-you-getting-away-with-this?

Tennessee Gov. Haslam has been cutting Tennessee working families out of jobs by continuing a massive, Machiavellian scheme to "outsource" those jobs to out-of-state corporations.  So much for helping Tennessee's economy, even if you don't care about working people.  Does anybody think out-of-state profiteers care about Tennessee or know best how to "fix" us?

Mass media have not shined much of a light on this, is one way to get away with being a crook and traitor.  Nice to have a $2B net worth, although seems Haslam is still clawing for more.

Here is some information on Haslam's grand plan.

And another. 

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