Friday, October 7, 2016

Children Need Criminal Justice Reform and Breakfast

Breakfast, si, Prison, no
As state legislatures have continued to put corporate profits and kickbacks ahead of people, and for-profit prisons have been built to warehouse children as well as adults, Just City in Memphis, TN, is rightly striving for reform and humanity. Children are the future, as they say, but Children are the Now as how we treat children today turns into our future.
After reading this Smart City story, I flashed back to when the chairman of the Williamson County (TN) Republican Party blasted the county for accepting federal money to serve (at no cost to the county) breakfast to poor and hungry kids. TV reporter Kara Kumari interviewed me for a counterpoint. Skipping over the screwed-up values and everything immoral that goes with the no-breakfast-for-hungry-and-poor-kids position, how about we cut to the cynical and tweak how the No-Breakfast Club thinks, anyway: 

What it costs to feed and educate kids today costs vastly less than what it will cost to imprison them as adults.

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